What will be the future of the Commonwealth of Nations after the death of Queen Elizabeth?

One of the questions that arose after the confirmation of the death of Queen Isabella IIA powerful organization of the former British colonies, the Commonwealth of Nations is concerned about the future.

This group of nations and regions share the principles of democracy, defend human rights and champion the fight for the environment.

There are 54 flags that are part of the Commonwealth, an organization created in 1931 and led and championed by Queen Elizabeth II.

She was the political figure of 54 independent and semi-independent countries, which represent about a third of the world’s population, or about 2,500 million people.

The emperor was a symbol of unity, a historical link with other nations.

in life, Queen Elizabeth II has always advocated the unity and relevance of this group, However, there were those who deemed it unnecessary and, as in the case of Barbados, the republic could be converted. According to the information that has emerged, Australia can follow these steps.

In a conversation with Noticias RCN, Valentina Mena, historian at the University of Javeriana, explained that “relations with these countries are mainly due to the fact that they were either a colony or very close to a colony, as in the case of Canada, one of which was a British colony.

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What will happen to the Commonwealth after the death of Queen Elizabeth?

In some of these countries, Queen Elizabeth was the head of state. “Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, are countries that retain the figure of the British monarch as head of state, but in countries where it does not exist, where the figure of a queen or a king as head of state is still not accepted, there is a private government, that is, if it is a presidential system, there will be a president” , said Professor Oscar Palma of the Universidad del Rosario.

After the Queen’s death, many wonder what the future of this Commonwealth of Nations will be and whether it can be dissolved, but for Professor Palma, “it is difficult to foresee this possibility, given that the Commonwealth of Nations Nations has already been There is a tradition of years, several decades.They are established institutions where the queen and the emperor are the only heads.The monarchy having very precise rules of succession, the new king takes the head of the organization”.

For his part, the historian indicated that from now on Carlos Tercero “must unite all these nations, he must preserve them and not neglect them”.

It should be noted that in the future it may happen that some nations abandon the figure of the emperor as head of state.

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