Victoria 2 Console Commands – Cheat Codes & More in 2022

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In terms of great strategy titles, nobody does it better than Paradox Interactive. From mechanized combat in WWII to the kings and courts of medieval Europe, these guys have covered just about everything. Victoria 2 is their second take on a colonial-era strategy title where you must guide your country to colonize the new world and build your empire. If you already know this game, then you might think you’ve seen it all. If so, you should probably try console commands.

The controls for the Victoria 2 console are extensive and give you the ability to force unions or wars on any combination of countries you can think of. Even better, you can become the leader of a nation with infinite resources and power if you want. Check out the console commands below for the best options to find for the game.

How to activate the console

Luckily, there’s not much behind unlocking the console in Victoria 2, you can just press the button under Escape and the console should pop up as soon as you’re in the game.

Victoria 2 Utility Console Commands

Cheating isn’t the only thing you can do with the command console, you can also get diagnostic information about the game or use these commands to troubleshoot any issues you may be having. Despite this, you should probably still back up your saves to be on the safe side, as they can get corrupted by using the wrong command at the wrong time.

Order effect console command
Shows province IDs provide
Switches all 3D rendered models to wireframe mode wired
Toggles between full screen mode and windowed mode full screen
Prints all your console commands to a .log file help log
Copies the ID of the currently selected provinces to your clipboard copyprov
Gives you information about [console command] to help [console command]
Force a game UI reload charging interface

Victoria 2 cheat console commands

Once you’ve learned all the province IDs you need and saved some logs to read later, you can get started with these more exciting cheat commands. These will likely remove the sense of challenge from the game, but they have major potential to completely ruin your save files, so be sure to keep a backup of the ones you don’t want to lose.

Order effect console command
Gives you [amount] silver money [amount]
Gives you [amount] prestigious prestige [amount]
Gives you [amount] leadership leadership [amount]
Gives you [amount] of all in-game merchandise and [amount] silver goods [amount]
Start a revolution in [prov ID] revolt [prov ID]
Forces all AIs to accept all offers you make. (became debug yesmen with HOD extension) Yes man
Forces a general election election
Toggle fog of war on map (becomes debug flow with HOD extension) flow
Removes the wait between reforms debug reforms
Force a blockade of [prov ID] blockade [prov ID]
Forces each country to influence each other 100 influence of debugging

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