Vaccine passes, QR codes no longer required

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that from 11:59 p.m. on April 4, “vaccine passes will no longer be required as part of the Covid-19 protection framework”.

“For now, they will no longer be mandated.”

She said: “Warrants and passes were definitely one of the reasons we reached 95% of the eligible population vaccinated to achieve near elimination of Delta over the summer.

“But something has changed since we bought them and that something is Omicron. So far in the pandemic we’ve had over 500,000 confirmed cases, almost all of which have been in the Omicron wave.”

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Ardern said because Covid cases in the country are believed to have peaked, it is prudent to withdraw vaccine passes at this time.

“I say for now as if I would continue to provide the disclaimer that every country realistically needs, that if there were to be a variant that required it or a change in circumstances, we could have it. need again.

“But for post-peak, that won’t be the case anymore,” she said.

Ardern also announced that QR codes will no longer be required, meaning people don’t need to scan in stores and venues.

“From this weekend, you will no longer be required to scan everywhere you go and companies are no longer required to provide the mechanisms to do so.”

She continued: “We have a request for everyone though, if a variant emerges in the world that evades vaccines or is more deadly, contact tracing will again play a vital role.

“Please be prepared as a business to display QR codes again, or as a citizen to remove your tracking app at any time. Do not remove the app from your phone just yet,” said Ardern.

She said QR codes have played an important role in New Zealand’s response to Covid-19 “but for now you can all stop hovering around the entrance to a supermarket or a place while we stumble over our phones, a welcome change for all of us. I am on.”

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