University of Kurukshetra signs pact with UN WFP

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) and the University of Kurukshetra (KU) have signed a letter of agreement for a partnership on research and advocacy on issues of gender, climate change and nutrition, said a university spokesperson.

Brajesh Sawhney, director of public relations at the University of Kurukshetra, said the letter was signed between Sanjeev Sharma, registrar of the university, and Bishow Parajuli, representative and country director of the WFP in India, in the presence of the deputy Chancellor, Professor Som Nath Sachdeva. .

Under this partnership, the two will work to improve gender equality and empower women through gender mainstreaming around intra-household access to food, improving nutrition and social and financial inclusion, climate resilience, adaptation and resilience building, and improving the nutritional effectiveness of government food safety nets in increasing knowledge and demand for diverse, nutritious and fortified foods.

“As part of the partnership, WFP will also provide internship opportunities for KU students, organize workshops, learning and sharing events, provide financial support for research on areas of concern and provide global links. “, Sawhney said.

Parajuli said, “We recognize the importance of this collaboration from the perspective of the strategic contribution that higher education institutions make to building the influence of scholarship and policy to address some of the most pressing challenges, such as as the impact of climate change, gender and inclusion, around hunger and food security.

In his remarks, Vice-Chancellor Sachdeva said: “We are very pleased with this partnership between the World Food Program and the University of Kurukshetra, as this strategic knowledge collaboration will help address the challenges of access to food and nutrition insecurity.

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