United Nations Nippon Foundation Fellowship 2023 (stipend available)

Deadline: September 14, 2022

Applications are open for the United Nations Nippon Foundation Fellowship 2023. The United Nations Nippon Foundation Fellowship provides government officials and other mid-level professionals from developing States with advanced training in maritime affairs and human rights law. sea, as well as related disciplines, including marine science in support of management frameworks.

Fellows will learn about international legal frameworks, key issues and best practices in maritime affairs, familiarize themselves with the work of the United Nations and develop professional skills. Fellows will also conduct individual research, under academic supervision, and develop a written thesis on a topic chosen by them.

Upon completion of the fellowship, fellows are expected to return to their home countries and use their extensive knowledge and extensive experience to help formulate comprehensive ocean policy and implement the legal regime set out in the United Nations Convention on law of the sea and related instruments, including through the design, implementation and/or evaluation of specific improvement projects.

Fellowship structure, program and deliverables

The 9-month fellowship program is made up of two consecutive phases that provide fellows with advanced and personalized research and training opportunities in the fields of their choice:

  • Phase 1: 3 months of research and training, which normally takes place between March/April and June at DOALOS at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
  • Phase two: 6-month advanced academic research and study, which is normally undertaken between July and December at one of the prestigious participating host institutions and under the guidance of subject matter experts who have recognized in-depth expertise in fellows. chosen field of study.

The deliverables of the scholarship program are:

  • A 100-page written thesis
  • A presentation of the research
  • An ocean governance matrix

In addition, a number of assignments will be carried out as part of the training course provided during the first phase of the program.


  • Scholars will receive a stipend each month during their fellowship, both while in New York and, for United Nations – Nippon Foundation Scholars participating in the 9-month program, while at the second phase host institution .
  • In addition to the stipend, United Nations – Nippon Foundation Scholars (the 9-month program) will receive a book stipend of US$100 per month for phase two of the fellowship (US$600 in total).
  • Fellows will be provided with a round-trip economy class airfare to travel from their home country to complete the fellowship.
  • For the period of the fellowship, medical coverage is provided by Cigna Health Insurance. Cigna offers 100% medical coverage for general medical and hospital treatment up to a certain limit.


  • You must be between 25 and 40 years old;
  • You must have successfully completed a first university degree and demonstrate an ability to undertake independent advanced academic research and study;
  • You must be a mid-level professional of a national governmental body of a developing State, or other governmental or non-governmental agency of such a State, which directly deals with matters relating to maritime affairs, and your position professional should enable you to directly assist your nation in the formulation and/or implementation of policy in this area. This includes marine science and the science-policy nexus. Your “Nomination and Recommendation Form” must be completed by a government official or other official who can attest to the nature of your work with respect to government maritime affairs and law of the sea activities, and indicate how an award would directly contribute to these activities;
  • The research and study program you propose must contribute directly to the formulation and/or implementation by your country of policies and programs relating to maritime affairs and the law of the sea; and
  • You must be free of all non-scholarship obligations for the duration of the scholarship, unless otherwise authorized by the division.


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For more information, visit UNNF scholarship.

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