United Nations Institute for Training and Research, Bard College’s Longy School of Music and Global Foundation for the Performing Arts Announce Global Access Diploma in Music Teacher Education

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITARY), Longy music school of College Bard (Longy) and the World Foundation for the Performing Arts (GFPA), announce a partnership to expand access to Longy’s Master of Music in Music Education worldwide. Launching in fall 2022, this program will equip educators to champion creative youth development and cross-cultural exchange in classrooms around the world.


“At a time that requires a deeper global connection, the universal language of the arts is a powerful tool to foster understanding. UNITAR proudly and confidently partners with GFPA and Longy to enable music teachers to inspire a new generation of artists as thought and change leaders This partnership is our first step in cultural and artistic offerings, adding to UNITAR’s vast portfolio of courses that serves the world.
Ambassador Marco Suazo (UNITAR)

The three organizations share a bold vision of universal access to music education. Longy’s innovation in music education is to root it in culturally responsive teaching, centered on each student’s identity. Long-trained educators create spaces of belonging and respect, and challenge and empower their students.

“The UNITAR, GFPA and Longy partnership brings together three organizations that share a belief in the central role of arts and culture in a global community that works and thrives together. Longy’s culturally-appropriate program reinforces the UN philosophy that every voice matters. The impact of this partnership will reverberate around the world, in classrooms and beyond.”
—President Benjamin Woodroffe (GFPA)

“We believe that music teachers have a super power to inspire the next generation to change the world through the transformative power of music. Longy’s vision to expand access to high-quality music teacher education at a global audience is made possible through the UNITAR and GFPA partnership We are honored that UNITAR has chosen Longy’s Master of Music in Music Education as its first artistic and cultural offering.
—President Karen Zorn (Longy)

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The United Nations Institute for Training and Research was established in 1965 by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly. UNITAR is governed by a Board of Trustees whose mission is to develop the individual, institutional and organizational capacities of countries and other UN stakeholders through high quality learning resources.

Anchored in the goal of improving global decision-making and supporting political and social action at the country level, UNITAR provides innovative learning resources to individuals, organizations and institutions, with established programs offering advanced degrees in international leadership, diplomacy, law and politics, as well as science and business. This partnership marks UNITAR’s first major program in the field of arts and cultural education.

Ja Global Foundation for the Performing Arts is an international foundation whose mission is to provide valuable arts education and professional support for performing arts practitioners while fostering a global community and enabling cross-cultural exchange. As a long-time partner of UNITAR, the Foundation is dedicated to supporting the performing arts, particularly in the fields of classical music and ballet through education, mentorship and collaboration.

GFPA is centered on the belief that young artists deserve to be guided by experienced musicians in order to stay true to their artistic practice. The Foundation provides advice to artists, competitions and institutions dedicated to rewarding the world’s future performers. The Foundation is a long-standing partner of UNITAR.

Longy music school of College Bard reinvented teaching at the conservatory. The school leads seismic change to center music as social change, expanding the world’s understanding of what a life in music can mean. Longy prepares students to engage the public; teach anyone, anywhere; and make a difference with their music.

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