United Nations and Afghan Taliban find ways to interact


It’s been over a month since the Taliban fighter, wearing Kalashnikov’s heavy beard, high-top sneakers and salwar kameez, landed in the Afghan capital and solidified the acquisition. Currently, they are vying for seats in national clubs, seeking what no country gave them in their second attempt at governance. It is the international approval of their rules.

The Taliban have written to the United Nations to request an ongoing meeting of the leaders of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. They claim to have all the requirements for government approval. The United Nations responded effectively to the Taliban’s request by signaling: Not so fast.

Afghanistan, which joined the United Nations as an early member in 1946, will be the last to speak at the General Assembly summit on Monday. Since the meeting of the UN Commission to decide on the credentials challenge has not yet taken place, it seems almost certain that the current Ambassador of Afghanistan will deliver a speech this year or no one will.

The United Nations can deny or grant formal Taliban approval, which can be used as an important tool to accurately secure human rights, girls’ access to education, and political concessions. .. This is where the 76 year old world holds the physical strength, and even its relevance.

Afghanistan is an excellent, perhaps extreme, case study representative of exactly why the United Nations was created in the aftermath of World War II, said Hinton Medora, president of the Center for International Governance and the United Nations. innovation in Canada. to augment.

“If you are the United Nations and you want to represent the family of a country, you absolutely want the whole family to be there. Not everyone is proud, if you know it. He’s a distant cousin, ”he said. “Therefore, the UN needs Afghanistan and the country to demonstrate the many values ​​of its activities.”

In Afghanistan, the United Nations can deploy its extensive aid and development programs to show how important underfunded institutions are to ensuring stability and security. The country is facing multiple humanitarian crises and almost total poverty due to its withdrawal from the political situation.

Calls for help are already multiplying, provided they have access to education for girls. Despite its promise of inclusion and openness, the Taliban have yet to allow older girls to return to school, restricting the freedom of local media, hanging corpses publicly in town squares, etc. Is back in the brutal practice of.

“The Taliban do not represent the will of the Afghan people,” the currently recognized Afghan ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Nacil Andisha, told The Associated Press.

If the United Nations approves the Taliban’s claim to power, it will send a corrosive message to others, whether in Yemen or Myanmar, that they can take up arms, create violence and join state-designated terrorist groups. -United. Said Andisha.

“I think it’s time for the world and the United Nations to use this as leverage,” Andisha said.

Taliban appointed UN representative, former negotiator and political spokesperson Sukhail Shaheen should be allowed to join The Associated Press to allow his government to join the national club, “All Borders, Territories of Afghanistan, The big cities are under our control. “

“We have the support of our people, and thanks to their support, we have been able to successfully continue the struggle for the independence of our country which led to our independence. He said, “We have all the requirements for government approval, so we hope the United Nations, as a neutral world body, will recognize the current government of Afghanistan.”

More than a dozen ministers from all Taliban cabinets are on the UN blacklist, including foreign ministers from a group that Andisha and other Afghan foreign diplomats have refused to talk about.

Andisha served in Genoa under the US-backed administration of Ashraf Ghani when the president fled Afghanistan on August 15 in search of evacuation to the United Arab Emirates as the Taliban surrounded the capital. paddy field. After that, the crab administration quickly collapsed.

Andisha still meets with representatives of countries around the world, begging them to promote the resurgence of peace talks in Afghanistan. He wants to make it clear to the United Nations that joining this class is not just about “putting the country under the barrel of your gun and taking a sufficient population hostage”.

Meanwhile, Qatar urged countries not to boycott the Taliban, and Pakistan urged countries to avoid isolating the Taliban and abandon terrorism and keep their promise of inclusion.

During the time of the Taliban’s oppressive power in the late 1990s, only Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates recognized their legitimacy. At that time, the United Nations refused to recognize their government and gave Afghan seats to the government controlled by the former military commander.

The group was later kicked out of power by a US-led coalition in 2001 after the September 11 attacks to contain al-Qaeda.

The United States, which withdrew all of its troops from the country last month in a chaotic airlift that ended America’s “Eternal War” to ensure Tullivan fulfills various promises before giving legality and support . Beyond humanitarian aid, it is important that the international community continues to unite.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that was the message he delivered to the UN Security Council and others on the sidelines of this week’s General Assembly.

State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters on Friday. “But when we work in harmony with our allies and partners around the world, we are even more powerful,” he added.

Medora of the Center for International Governance Innovation said the United Nations has tools through various agencies, including UNICEF, which focuses on children, UNHCR, which supports refugees, and the World Food Program. This is another area in which the United States has significant influence as the United Nations’ largest donor, accounting for almost a fifth of the total budget for 2019, according to the United Nations Council on Foreign Relations. .

In several UN speeches last week, many world leaders mentioned Afghanistan, including US President Joe Biden and Afghanistan’s neighbors such as Pakistan, Iran and Uzbekistan.

Enayat Najafizada, who heads an independent think tank in Kabul and monitors security concerns in Afghan provinces, said the United Nations had facilitated negotiations between the groups in Afghanistan and interfered nationally for regional security. He said various countries with Afghanistan should be involved.

“The country will enter a civil war without forming an inclusive government,” said Najafizada, founder of the Institute for War and Peace.

While it’s uncertain Afghanistan will come next, it’s clear the Taliban don’t want to be seen as a global outcast, said Kamal Alam, a non-resident senior researcher at the Atlantic Council.

“They want a seat at the UN. They want to go to Davos. They love the lifestyle of private jets, ”he mentions the group’s political elite in exile in Qatar. I said.

“But these are just the political leaders. There is no infantry on the ground, the “new Taliban”, ”he said. “There are no new Taliban. Everything they do is not just isolated, but a tactic to gain recognition. ”

Afghan children and women gather outside the bakery on Friday for free bread in Kabul, Afghanistan.


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