The younger generation should share new ideas and solutions with the United Nations: UN veteran Ramu Damodaran


Hinting at some of the key ideas that would define the United Nations over the next 25 years, Damodaran said global governance would be needed in areas of global public interest such as health, sustainable development beyond 2030. , artificial intelligence, the use of digital technology. , peaceful use of outer space, creation of emergency platforms, etc.

“It is fitting that the country that brought ‘Surya Namaskar’ (sun salutation) to the world is leading the global solar energy initiative in collaboration with the United Nations. India will now ask the United Nations for observer status so that countries can pool their intellectual and entrepreneurial capacities to harvest solar energy and also create bilateral platforms combining creative solutions with financial mechanisms ”, he added. he declares.

Referring to the UN Security Council, Mr. Damodaran told the young audience: “India will certainly become a permanent member of the United Nations and it will happen in your lifetime and the Security Council will be enriched by it. “

Sir Ramu damodaran joined the United Nations Department of Global Communications in 1996. Responsibilities included civil society, creative community and celebrity relations, publications (as editor-in-chief of the UN Chronicle), library Dag Hammarskjold and the Academic Impact of the United Nations. He has also been Secretary of the Information Commission of the United Nations General Assembly since 2011.

SOURCE Prabha Khaitan Foundation


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