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Although the use of chemical weapons is considered a war crime, the occupying Turkish state continues to use chemical weapons banned in Kurdistan.

The United Nations declared November 30 “Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Chemical Warfare”. On April 29, 1997, 192 countries announced their support for the Chemical Weapons Convention to ban the use of chemical weapons, but this agreement remained written on paper, and no penalties were imposed for associated crimes, but they have become complicit in these crimes through their silence.

The Chemical Weapons Convention was signed in 1993 by 187 countries and prohibited the use, development, production, receipt, stockpiling and transfer of chemical weapons. According to the agreement, states are also responsible for the destruction of chemical weapons.

Numerous institutions and specialists have documented the Turkish state’s use of banned chemical weapons in its occupation attacks in Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî.

After the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) announced that it would investigate the information at the scene, it emerged that the Turkish Ambassador to The Hague, Shaban Desli, had paid a bribe. – € 30,000 wine at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Chemical Weapons on October 17th.

The People’s Defense Forces (HPG) previously said the occupying Turkish state had used chemical weapons more than 323 times in its attacks on southern Kurdistan since April 23. The leaders of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) are calling for an independent investigation in the region and noted that the Turkish state is deliberately targeting the nature of Kurdistan. No response has yet been received at the invitation of the PKK, and the governments of Southern Kurdistan and Iraq have banned delegation visits.

Environmental expert Sargen Sucu spoke about the use of chemical weapons in the attacks on southern Kurdistan and its impact on nature and human life.

“The United Nations, NATO, the International Court of Human Rights, as well as international powers use double standards in the application of many laws. The European Union trades arms with Turkey. Along with the International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Chemical War, it is not fair to trust these powers, international powers and nations, ”he said. The United States is a partner in these wars. Chemical weapons attacks are the main wars, people are killed in these attacks, and on the other hand nature is destroyed, and flora and fauna are not possible in areas where chemical weapons are used. “

“The international arms trade destroys human lives”

Sucu noted that countries that use chemical weapons threaten the lives of civilians, and stressed that these countries are not concerned about the lives of civilians, and said: “With these attacks on civilian areas, the strategy of ‘elimination of humanity’ is implemented. “They should adopt more forms of struggle. But no institution in the world can oppose these dirty attacks and the policies of war that countries are carrying out collectively. Perhaps the most striking example of this is the massacres in the world. Turkish army in Başûr and Rojava. “

He said that the administration of the South Kurdistan region is only looking for material benefits, so it has allowed the destruction of both nature and humanity, and added about it: “Some Kurdish circles are also silent on these attacks and this genocide against them “.

“They are afraid of the propagation of the thought of the Kurdish people”

He said: “Those who fear the Kurdish liberation struggle and its spread take a dualistic stance when it comes to attacks on the Kurdish people. International powers want to sacrifice the Kurdish people for the benefit of the policies of the Turkish Islamic State. The Kurdish people have a realistic vision, and the Kurdish people will continue to fight for their existence, regardless of the extent of the use of arms by the state. “

He noted that the Kurdish people are not only fighting for themselves, but also for the freedom of all the peoples of the Middle East. He added: “The world powers who do not want this struggle to develop, are using all means and methods to break the resistance of the Kurdish people. The use of chemical weapons in Kurdistan today harms all living creatures in the world. is a humanitarian responsibility that falls on everyone. “

Emphasizing that the United Nations regulates the arms trade and therefore the United Nations is the reason for continuing wars, Soju added: paved the way for this occupation. Mr. Ocalan said of Organizations such as the United Nations always have a dual policy. We must be well aware of the influence of the United Nations on Kurdish politics. Therefore, independent delegations from outside the United Nations should visit these areas and conduct investigations in areas where the Turkish state continues its occupation attacks. At the same time, they must Relevant organizations, health organizations, all institutions and agencies must research and inform the international public about what happened there. These attacks are no longer limited only to southern Kurdistan, but all over the world.

“The Turkish state has maintained its existence through the massacres of the genocide”

He said the occupation attacks on Kurdistan are carried out with a jihadist mentality, and said: “The Turkish state has maintained its existence through genocide. The only way people can prevent these attacks is resistance. Everyone must fight the unjust war. policy led by the Justice and Development Party. And the Nationalist Movement Party. The capitalists have invested in this war. This money has been stolen from the pockets of the people. The people are poor today, but the traditional approach of the Turkish state is to commit massacres with chemical weapons. People must stop wars and attacks.

“Silence will pave the way for the spread of attacks”

He stressed that keeping silent on the attacks can lead to an escalation of attacks, and added: “The silence on the attacks against Kurdistan will pave the way for chemical attacks in the future. With these attacks, people are being killed and nature faces further destruction. This will lead to a health crisis for the population and the society. “.

He also stressed the need for all environmental experts and activists around the world to take a strong stand against the Turkish state’s chemical weapons attacks in southern Kurdistan, and said it was important for independent delegations to lead a survey in the region.




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