Russia invites United Nations and Red Cross to investigate prison deaths in Ukraine

Russia on Sunday, experts from the United Nations and the Red Cross called for an investigation into the deaths of dozens of Ukrainian prisoners held by Moscow-backed separatists, while the Ukrainian president orders the evacuation of the population in the eastern region of Donetsk.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said hundreds of thousands of people were still embroiled in heavy fighting in the Donbass region containing Donetsk and Luhansk provinces.

“A lot of people are refusing to leave, but it still needs to be done,” Zelensky said. in Late Saturday TV address. “More people are leaving the Donetsk region Now fewer people The Russian army will have time to kill. “

Ukraine and Russia blamed each other for Friday’s missile strike or premature explosion, which appears to have killed dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war in the frontline town of Olinivka in eastern Donetsk.

Russia has called in experts from the United Nations and the Red Cross to investigate the deaths. In the interest of the Ministry of Defense, the investigation was “objective”. on Sunday.

The ministry had released a list of 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war dead and 73 wounded in what it said was the Ukrainian military It struck with the US-made High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS). United.

Ukraine’s armed forces have denied responsibility, saying Russian artillery targeted the prison to hide the abuses there. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Friday that Russia had launched a war crime called for international condemnation.

Reuters reporters confirmed that some of them had died in prison, but could not immediately verify the different versions of events.

The UN has said it is ready to send experts to check whether it has obtained the approval of both parties. The International Committee of the Red Cross said it was seeking access and showed up to help evacuate the injured.

Ukraine has accused Russia of atrocities against civilians and their identification of more than 10,000 possible war crimes. Russia denies targeting civilians and committing war crimes during the invasion, it’s called a “special process”.

Ukrainian counterattack

Ukrainian forces early attacked the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Russian-controlled Crimean port of Sevastopol. Russia cited Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvogayev on Sunday, according to him.

five members of the employees were injured in the attack. He said that when he flew what was supposed to be a drone in the backyard of the headquarters.

Ukrainian authorities said the southern towns of Mykolaiv and Nikopol were also hit by intense Russian strikes overnight.

Two people were killed and three injured when the 12 rocket blasts hit homes and educational institutions, Mayor Mykolaiv Oleksandr Senkevich told Ukrainian state television, describing the hits as “perhaps the most mighty” over the city of the whole war.

Up to 50 grad missiles hit residential areas of the city of Nikopol on Sunday morning, Dnipropetrovsk Governor Valentin Reznichenko wrote by cable. One person was injured.

Ukrainian army He said on Saturday more than 100 Russian soldiers Seven tanks were killed destroyed in the south on Friday, including the Kherson region It is the center of Kyiv’s counterattack in this part of the country and the key link in supply lines from Moscow.

Rail traffic to Kherson on the Dnipro River was cut off, and the military, Southern Command said, would likely further isolate Russian forces west of the river from supply in occupied Crimea and to the east.

South of the town of Bakhmut, described by Russia as a prime target for the Ukrainian army in Donetsk. He said the Russian forces “achieved partial success”. in Establishing Control over Smehreh’s leveling stormed it from three sides.

British defense and intelligence officials who have been one of Ukraine’s strongest allies since Moscow invaded its neighbor on February 24 described Russian troops as struggling to maintain momentum.

Western-supplied Ukraine has long used remote missile systems to severely damage three bridges over the Dnipro in recent weeks, cutting off the city of Kherson from the river bank.

Reuters was unable to verify reports from an independent source on the battlefield.

Russian-appointed administration officials run the Kherson region earlier this week dismissed Western and Ukrainian assessments of the situation.

The British Ministry on Friday described the Russian government as “increasingly desperate” after losing tens of thousands of troops in the war. Richard Moore, head of the British Foreign Intelligence Agency, MI6, added on Twitter that Russia is “running out of steam”.

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