Powell adopts new property maintenance and fire prevention codes

The Powell City Council recently passed new property maintenance and fire codes to better align with the latest Ohio municipal standards and meet Powell’s specific needs and applications. The new codes were adopted at the last City Council meeting on October 4 and come into effect immediately.

“As the city seeks to streamline the fee review process, it is critical that we upgrade our development codes to provide predictability for residents, business owners and those wishing to do business in the within our community,” Deputy City Manager Jeff Tyler said. “We want to continue looking for ways to maintain high standards while being predictable in our approach.”

In 1997, the Powell City Council passed the National Fire Code BOCA of 1996. The recently passed Ordinance 2022-29 amends the Powell Fire Code to reference the Ohio Fire Code of 2017, incorporating the Liberty Township Ohio Supplement to align city and township codes for consistency. As the provider of fire services and EMS to the City of Powell, the Liberty Township Fire Department can now enforce a consistent standard across both Powell and Liberty Township.


The latest version of Powell’s fire code also consolidates regulations regarding the sale and discharge of fireworks, taking into account the amended Surrogate Home Bill 172 of 2021 which went into effect on May 1. July 2022; communication with various government officials; review and analysis of legislative evidence; and the actions of neighboring municipalities.

As part of the new Powell fire code, the city council upheld a ban on the sale of fireworks within the city limits. However, the code was changed to allow residents to shoot fireworks at private property within city limits on specific holidays permitted by the city.

Legal holidays include New Year’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, July 3-5 (and Friday, Saturday and Sunday before and after July 4), Labor Day, Diwali and New year’s eve.

Powell Property Maintenance Code

The City Council has adopted a new Property Maintenance Code modeled after the 2021 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) currently used by many central Ohio jurisdictions. IPMC is based on a national consensus process, interviewing experts across the country on the most current and salient issues facing communities in maintaining high quality standards. Additionally, IPMC aligns with Powell’s existing building code and newly adopted fire code, as all are based on international codes.

Changes to note:

• Section 557 has been amended with reference to notifying landowners of tall grass and weed violations. Rather than an individual notice per incident, the city will send a general notice to the community at the start of each growing season as the first notice. If the grass on an occupied lot exceeds seven inches in height, the city will send a second and final notice to the owner who will then have seven days to remedy the violation before the city resolves the situation. Additionally, recurring violations on the same property will no longer require individual notice to the owner, and the city can immediately act to remedy the violation.

• Regulations regarding the use of dumpsters for home improvement or cleaning projects have been added. The new language does not apply to the existing standard for commercial dumpsters.

Fireworks light up the sky at a previous Powell Festival.

Submitted by the City of Powell.

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