Political shenanigans at the United Nations

By Wondimu Mekonnen

Ethiopia has recently become a permanent United Nations program. It appears that the United States and its Western allies are working tirelessly to bring Ethiopia to its knees in favor of a former Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray, the TPLF which has become a terrorist. Ironic, isn’t it? In less than a year, the UN Security Council has met nine times to discuss Ethiopia. There is clearly political shenanigans going on here. No matter when the United States tried to get a warrant to attack Ethiopia, it failed. As its maneuver by the United Nations Security Council to get the green light to implement its misguided policy against Ethiopia was unsuccessful, the United States had to resort to its unilateral sanctions.

The travel sanctions imposed on some Eritrean and Ethiopian government officials by the Biden administration were one example. The president of Oromia regional state rightly but contemptuously stated that the sanction as it stands does not extend to preventing travel from one administrative state to another in Ethiopia. Failing to threaten the officials targeted, the United States had to invent another ploy. This time it was designed to freeze the assets of Ethiopian and Eritrean officials in the United States. Alas! It did not bear fruit either, since no one, except the TPLF terrorists, had any money in American banks. The United States then declared economic sanctions intended to put Ethiopia in a straitjacket. It didn’t work either. Subsequently, within a week, the United States brought Ethiopia twice to the Security Council. It failed just like the previous seven futile attempts. Determined to weaken Ethiopia, US officials are now trying to cripple Ethiopian Airlines based on CNN’s baseless allegations. CNN recently claimed that Ethiopia’s flagship carrier transported troops and military equipment to Eritrea. Ridiculous! Ethiopian Airlines categorically denied the allegation because the arms and troop transport receipts presented by CNN as evidence only indicated that the cargo flight had carried medicine and food. The Sudanese CNN reporter obtained strange unknown footage from Ethiopian Airlines. It’s another story for another time.

On Tuesday, October 6, 2021, following accusations by the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland, the United Nations Secretary-General rained down his barrage of attacks against the Ethiopian government for having expelled “aid workers” United Nations. The deportees flirted with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Tigray, also known as the Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray. The Secretary-General said that the expulsion of his staff was illegal but did not cite the breached provisions.

Jeff Pearce, who has thoroughly researched these questionable UN activities in Ethiopia, wrote:

“The inescapable impression we all have is that the UN has not only lied to us all, but even to itself. Ethiopia has confined itself to expelling just seven senior officials. We may have to reconsider expanding the list of those to be shown the door. “

Is the United States and its allies planning to draft new United Nations law tailored to their needs to attack Ethiopia? Nothing in the UN charter prohibits a sovereign country from getting rid of a foreign national who endangers the security of the country, whether or not that individual works for the UN. There is no international law that would compromise the security of a nation.

Ethiopia posed no threat to the safety of UN workers. Ethiopia, politely and in accordance with the law, has asked these UN employees to leave its territory to work and promote the agenda of the terrorist group which has publicly vowed to dismantle the country. We should quote the New York Times, July 12, 2021, where Getachew Reda said: “If we have to go to hell and back we will, to destroy Ethiopia ”. He also pledged to fight the war in Eritrea. What did the UN say about it? Nothing.

Tigray Media House director, US-based TPLF spokesperson Stalin Gebreressilassie said: “I am so blessed to see with my own eyes that Ethiopia is destroyed by the TPLF ”. In all fairness, the UN was supposed to protect and support the founding member country which is threatened by a terrorist group armed to the teeth. Ethiopia is failing the UN for the second time, repeating its predecessor, the League of Nations. This led to World War II. Click on the following link and listen to understand how.

The seven laid-off UN workers were helping the rebels by delivering communications equipment to them. For example, an employee of the United Nations World Food Program, Mr. Thomas Brian Thompson, was photographed with Getatchew Reda, the spokesperson for the TPLF, using the satellite phone he provided. He was expelled from Ethiopia, and this was officially communicated to the UN. After his clandestine activities were exposed, he began to participate openly in rallies with TPLF activists abroad carrying their flags. Isn’t that better!

Some of the deportees were training the rebels in the use of sophisticated military communications equipment. Some UN workers in Tigray did not even show up at the Addis Ababa office, but bypass and report directly to someone they did not know in New York. We have heard amazing accounts of leaked staff conversations about how this Mafia group was inflating false numbers of hungry people in Tigray to level 4 awareness to advance political interests. One of the expelled UN staff was heard promising TPLF rebels that he would soon describe Tigray as another Darfur. All of this had been communicated to UN headquarters, but the Secretary-General surprisingly denied seeing a written complaint. Clever! With all due respect, shouldn’t he have asked his personal assistants or secretaries?

AFP revealed on October 21, 2021 that Ms. Maureen Achieng (pictured below), UN chief in Ethiopia, was forced to take administrative leave, citing “unauthorized interviews” in which she complained of being sidelined by senior UN officials whom she claimed to sympathize with Tigrayan rebels. The staff say, “Your job is only safe if you denigrate the Ethiopian government. “

The Ethiopian government is accused by the UN secretary general of blocking aid to Tigray. It’s strange. Ethiopia is working hard to let the aid flow reach Tigray. Of course, the Government must set up security checkpoints to avoid repeating the mistake of the 1980s, when, in the name of aid, arms poured into Tigray, and which resulted in the subjugation of the country. Ethiopia at 27 years of suffering under the leadership of the TPLF.

The delivery of aid was not hampered by the Ethiopian government, but by the TPLF itself. Even inside Tigray, it is becoming more and more difficult although the UN does not talk about it. To travel around the world, the TPLF invaded Afar and Amhara and made it difficult to deliver food and medicine. What did the UN say about it? Nothing. To overcome the difficulty, Ethiopia authorized the air transport of food aid and medicine, but the planes had to pass through Addis for a security check. Rather than blame the TPLF which is currently fighting outside Tigray, in the Amhara and Afar regions, the UN which is influenced by the United States and its allies is blaming Ethiopia, the victim and not the perpetrators. Why don’t they just demand Ethiopia surrender to terrorists? This is what they say indirectly. If they were defending justice, why would the UNSC not have mentioned at all the 430 trucks that did not return after delivering food aid to Tigray? Were the trucks deliberately left to the rebels as a form of war logistics? What about the use of child soldiers by the TPLF? These criminals are not only allowed to break international law, but they are also encouraged to do so. Isn’t that a double standard?

This kind of UN Security Council meeting is strange and unheard of. Ethiopia is not the first to kick out UN workers who broke the country’s national law. However, it appears that Ethiopia is the first to be called upon to take unjustified punitive measures against the UN Security Council. For example, in October 2020, Israel forced the departure of 12 UN employees. No one called on the UN Security Council to come together and act against it! No one dares suggest it because Israel has the protection of the United States and its allies. Absurd!

All these unnecessary summons, threats and intimidations against Ethiopia will be of no use. As a result of these actions, valuable opportunities to work with over 110 million Ethiopians are wasted by the very organization that is supposed to protect them for the benefit of a handful of terrorists.

It is impossible to understand why Ethiopia is on the “enemy list” of the UN and Western nations.

When will these political shenanigans end? Or will they be allowed to start another world war?


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