Many Spring Valley residents hail crackdown on code enforcement

SPRING VALLEY, NY — The Village of Spring Valley is proving to be a target-rich environment for Rockland County’s new code enforcement team.

CBS2’s Tony Aiello was with detectives on Friday afternoon as they visited a restaurant and found construction violations on the menu.

It should have been a vacant lot between two buildings. Instead, it was converted into outdoor space for a Caribbean restaurant.

“Everything is built illegally,” said Rockland Codes Manager Ed Markunas.

There are unauthorized and uninspected accessory structures. Exposed wiring, outlets not rated for outdoor use. A substandard bathroom.

Another day, another set of violations uncovered by Rockland’s New Codes Enforcement Team.

“I’m pretty happy we’re cracking down on all this illegal construction,” said Rockland resident Rosie Samudio.

Many in Spring Valley say it was about time. The administration of the troubled village had to cede the power of inspection to the county after multiple controversies.

World Congressman Jones grew up in Spring Valley and supports the app, like this who uncovered fire code violations and illegal conversions at the Country Village Towers apartment complex.

“It’s something that probably took too long to accomplish, so really grateful to see all the efforts that would succeed,” he said.

“Code compliance is there for a reason. Yes, it may be cheaper to ignore codes, but it’s at the risk of life,” said Rockland County Executive Ed Day.

Inspectors say there is a culture in the village that compliance with codes is optional, an afterthought.

“Local owners who see your app, they know they are not compliant, what should they do?” Aiello asked.

“Talk to us and try to get compliance, get the proper building permits, do the proper inspections, and we can walk you through and help you,” Markunas said.

The team estimates that it will take years to fully identify and fix the problems in Spring Valley.

Inspectors believe some of the code violations discovered on Friday date back more than five years.

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