In the midst of an economic crisis, the United Nations provides food stamps to pregnant women in Sri Lanka

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) began on Thursday June 16 to provide food aid to thousands of pregnant women in Sri Lanka in the midst of an economic crisis. The body has warned of a potential humanitarian crisis where millions of people need help, saying four in five people have started skipping meals because they cannot afford it. The organization provided 2,000 food vouchers in “undeserved” neighborhoods in Colombo. Anthea Webb, WFP’s Deputy Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, said: “When they skip meals, they put their health and that of their children at risk.

The South Asian country has been in a tight supply of food, medicine and fuel due to dwindling foreign currency reserves and government mismanagement. Due to escalating fuel shortages, the government declared an additional public holiday and ordered all schools closed on Friday to preserve diesel and petrol.

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The world body’s attempts to support three million Sri Lankans suffering from rising prices, according to the WFP, include issuing vouchers worth 15,000 rupees ($40). The organization hopes to generate $60 million for the food aid operation between July and December this year.

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WFP says it aims to help one million young people get at least one meal per school and provide millions of infants and women with “nutritious food”.

In addition to this, according to the WFP, another million people will receive food rations in the form of food, cash or vouchers.

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