Draft rules for two of four labor codes finalized in the state

Rules formed based on skeletal draft by Center, amid concerns raised by unions

Rules formed based on skeletal draft by Center, amid concerns raised by unions

Amid union apprehensions and objections, the Karnataka government has finalized draft rules for two of the four labor codes. The draft rules for the other two codes should be finalized within a month.

The Center enacted and notified the Wages Code in November 2019, and it enacted and notified the Industrial Relations Code, 2020, the Social Security Code, 2020, and the Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code. Labor Code, 2020, in September 2020. The four Labor Codes which will encompass 29 labor laws in the country will come into force once the Union Government announces the effective date.

Reasons for adjournment

While earlier start dates have been set and then postponed, July 1 this year has been set as the latest start date for the implementation of labor codes, resulting in a number of messages speculative on social networks. It is now postponed indefinitely because many states are not ready or have refused to formulate the draft rules to implement them. Worker resistance also contributed to the delay.

The Karnataka Labor Department has completed the process of finalizing the draft rules for the Wages and Labor Relations Code and is expected to finalize the other two soon. Once finalized, they are submitted to Cabinet for approval and then tabled in the legislature. Since the work is in the concurrent list, draft rules must be formulated by both the Center and the State.

“Karnataka will be ready with draft rules within a month to implement the four labor codes when the Center announces the start date,” Labor Secretary Manoj Jain said. The Hindu. “The state formed rules based on the Center’s skeletal project.”

Sources from the Labor Department said the draft rules had attracted a large number of objections and suggestions, which are currently being reviewed by Supplementary Labor Commissioner G. Manjunath. “Whenever suggestions or objections are valid, they have been incorporated into the final draft. Many are beyond our scope and therefore could not be considered.

Union concerns

However, unions say workers’ interests have been seriously compromised by labor reforms.

“Although the Center has promulgated the four labor codes, it has not yet notified the central rules. We told the state government not to present the project until then. Why is the state government in a hurry? asked the National Secretary of the Center of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), KN Umesh. “In the social security code, there is no provision for non-unionized workers, who make up 90% of the workforce. There is no job security and livelihood rights, the right to organize and the right to strike have been compromised,” he said.

AITUC Secretary of State Mr. Satyananda said: “The code has resulted in a dilution of minimum wage setting standards and the right to strike has been severely restricted with heavy penalties. There is a serious attack on the unions in the country. He added: “The codes seriously compromise workplace safety because inspection has been removed and replaced with a facilitative method. The surprise inspection no longer takes place.

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