COP 26 Summit: Pres. Biden calls for decisive action in global fight at United Nations Climate Change Conference


President Joe Biden apologized to other world leaders on Monday for the Trump administration’s decision to exit the Paris climate agreement, saying at the United Nations climate summit that the exit of states -Unis was putting the country behind in its climate targets.

“Guess I shouldn’t apologize, but I apologize for the fact that the United States – the last administration withdrew from the Paris agreement. It got us a little behind the ball. eight, “said the president during a session on” action and solidarity “at the Glasgow summit.

The president announced that the United States would join the Paris accords hours after taking the oath in January.

During the session, Biden also said that “the American people four or five years ago were not at all sure about climate change, if it was real.”

“Well, they have, as they say in the southern parts of my state, ‘seen the lord’. They saw what happened at home. The incredible changes that are happening. And they’re finally seeing now… the sense of urgency that you all feel, ”Biden continued.

In his previous opening remarks at the summit, Biden issued a call and warning to world leaders to take strong action on climate change, even though his own climate ambitions are at stake.

“Right now we’re still lagging behind. We don’t have time to hang back, sit on the fence or argue with each other,” Biden said. “This is the challenge of our collective life – the existential threat to human existence as we know it. And with each day that we delay, the cost of inaction increases. So, let this be the time we respond. to the call of history here in Glasgow. “

The President declared “the eyes of history on us,” adding, “We have only a brief window before us to elevate our ambitions and elevate ourselves to accomplish the rapidly shrinking task. It is a decisive decade in which we have the opportunity to prove ourselves. “

Biden, who hopes to galvanize other countries to take action to reduce emissions and control the global temperature rise, told the group: “We can keep the goal of limiting global warming to just 1, 5 degrees Celsius within reach if we unite. So we pledge to do our part with each of our nations with determination and ambition. “He said the Glasgow summit” must be the start of a decade of ambition and innovation to safeguard our future common”.

During the summit, the United States will announce “new initiatives to demonstrate our commitment to providing innovative solutions in multiple sectors,” including agriculture, oil and gas and the fight against deforestation, Biden said. . The United States will also unveil a long-term strategy, submit a new adaptation communication and commit with the European Union to reduce methane emissions by at least 30% by the end of the decade.

The President also detailed current efforts in his social safety net and infrastructure proposals to address the climate crisis, reaffirming his frequent point that “when I talk to the American people about climate change, I tell them what ‘these are jobs’.

Democratic lawmakers in Washington continue to debate a final package that includes more than $ 500 billion in climate change provisions. He told the audience that the United States would not shirk its responsibilities, saying its framework would provide “historic investments in clean energy.”

“These are the workers who will lay thousands of miles of transmission lines (for a) clean, modern and resilient power grid. The auto workers who build the next generation of electric vehicles. And the electricians who will install a nationwide network of 500,000 vehicle stations to power them across my country The engineers who will design new carbon capture systems and the construction workers who will make them a reality, “he added.

Biden called the fight against climate change “a moral and economic imperative” and in the “self-interest” of all nations. He also argued that the recent volatility in energy prices is “a call to action” to diversify energy sources.

The President arrived in Glasgow on Monday morning and hosted several events throughout the day, including a meeting with Indonesian President Joko Widodo and an afternoon reception with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Just before giving his speech Monday morning, Biden, who has been traveling abroad for days, was seen closing his eyes for a long time and rubbing his eyes during the summit’s opening session.

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