China, UN Population Fund (UNFPA) hand over health products

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The Ministry of Health has received medical supplies from the Chinese government through China Aid and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The event took place on Thursday at the ministry’s premises.

On receiving the equipment, the Minister of Health, Mr. Semano Sekatle, thanked the Chinese government and UNFPA for these generous donations which will help save lives.

Mr Sekatle said the donations came at the right time after the COVID-19 pandemic, saying contraceptives and reproductive health are important to the ministry.

However, the minister mentioned that the ministry still needs medical equipment to provide the Basotho with the best health services in the country.

While handing over the equipment, UNFPA representative Dr Marc Derveeuw said it was part of the project that was developed with the Chinese government and the Ministry of Health to help the government of Lesotho in the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Derveeuw said during the emergence of COVID-19, they saw that health systems were struggling with PPE equipment and therefore decided to help the government, especially with preventive equipment for midwives in order to allow them to continue the services, in particular in maternity but also to make an act of budgetary relief for the purchase of contraceptives.

He mentioned that they were handing over equipment including hubs, saying it was just a token handover.

He noted that this is the first collaborative project between UNFPA and the Chinese Embassy, ​​saying it is very important and marks the beginning of future collaboration.

In conclusion, he said that this is a fiscal relief that allows the government to reduce its purchases of contraceptives, expressing the hope that the government will continue to accelerate the purchase of contraceptives.

The Chinese Ambassador, Mr. Lei Kezhong, said that this consignment of medical assistance is worth a total of half a million US dollars provided by the Chinese government to Lesotho through UNFPA .

Mr. Kezhong said the objectives of this medical assistance are to increase the availability of medical supplies such as PPE for medical personnel, to increase the availability of sexual and reproductive health products and the cumulative availability of lifesaving devices. .

He thanked UNFPA for its efforts and contributions in collaboration with the Chinese government to help the government of Lesotho.

He mentioned that this is the second time since arriving in Lesotho that China has provided much-needed assistance to Lesotho in partnership with United Nations (UN) agencies, saying their partnerships have resulted in better assistance to Lesotho. .

He pledged that China will continue to stand with Lesotho to strengthen Lesotho’s economic and social development in improving the welfare of Basotho people.

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