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The European Union is set to remove Canada, Georgia and Tunisia from a “white list” of countries from which travelers can visit the bloc without COVID-related restrictions such as quarantines or mandatory testing, while adding Singapore.

A meeting of ambassadors from the 27 EU countries chose on Wednesday to remove the three countries due to the surge in COVID-19 infections there, as the situation in Singapore improved.

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The proposal will be formalized by the end of the week as long as none of the 27 EU countries oppose it, two EU diplomats familiar with the meeting said.

After the changes, the list will include nine countries – Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Uruguay.

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Although China is on the list, travel from there will only be permitted if Chinese authorities also allow visitors from the EU. The reciprocity requirement is not applied in the case of the other countries listed.

The list also serves only as a recommendation on travel rules. Some countries, such as France, have not imposed any restrictions on visitors from countries on the “white list”. Germany has narrowed the list, while Italy requires a period of self-isolation and requires travelers to take a private vehicle to reach their destination.

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