Amazon warehouse collapse prompted Illinois to review building codes


The tornado was part of a deadly weather system that ravaged the central United States last week, killing at least 75 people during a generally calm time of year and potentially setting records for distance traveled. Scientists haven’t determined if there’s a link to climate change and tornadoes, but they do know that storms in general are getting more severe.

Pritzker told a press conference Monday in Edwardsville, near St. Louis, that the investigation will examine whether current regulations were followed at the Amazon warehouse. He also raised the possibility that climate change could contribute to an increasing number of storms and added that he has spoken with state lawmakers on “whether or not we need to change the code based on the climate change we are doing. let’s see everything around us ”.

The billionaire’s comments on the tragedy are part of a larger national debate about using long-term averages to define what is normal, which can render past building code decisions and even rulings obsolete. crop and insurance rates as the climate changes. .

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“This tornado was something that was an unexpected major and severe storm. We’re seeing more and more things I could add all over the state of Illinois, ”he said in response to a reporter’s questions. “It’s something that deeply concerns us to make sure the code is where it should be. “

He added that the distribution, warehousing and manufacturing sectors are key parts of the state’s economy. Illinois is a hub for the warehousing and transportation of goods and consumer products across the country, crossed by intricate networks of railways, airports, rivers, and roads. More than 20% of its non-farm jobs come from commerce, transportation and utilities, and 10% from manufacturing.

“We want to attract these companies. We want to keep these companies here in Illinois, and yes, we want to make sure the code is up to date, especially given the severe climate change we’ve seen across the country, ”Pritzker said.

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