Afghan female students drop out over dress codes

In its latest report, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said that due to the imposition of new restrictions on the dress of female students and teachers in some provinces of Afghanistan, some students have dropped out of school.

According to the report, the Taliban closed a school in Balkh province for several days after some students had their faces uncovered.

According to a school official, the Taliban demanded the dismissal of a teacher for her “immodest” outfit.

Another school now has a teacher responsible for “preventing vice and promoting virtue”, according to the HRW report.

“The hijab requirements are getting stricter and stricter,” said a teacher, adding, “They (the Taliban) have spies to record and report… If students or teachers don’t follow their strict rules on of hijab, without any discussion, they dismiss the teachers and expel the students.

Heather Barr, associate director of women’s rights at HRW, said: “The Taliban are imposing increasingly strict dress codes on students and teachers and are enforcing those dress codes by expelling students, firing teachers and even shutting down the whole school.

“Students told us they thought it was a Taliban effort to convince them to leave school.”

Meanwhile, Rina Amiri, the US special representative for human rights and women in Afghanistan, criticized the closure of girls’ schools in Afghanistan, saying it was leading Afghanistan in a “negative direction”. “TOLO News reported.

“The situation of women and children continues to move in a very negative direction. The longer this continues without a vigorous Taliban response, the more devastating consequences the country will suffer,” Amiri said.

But the Ministry of Education has said it is ready to open schools for girls beyond sixth grade if leaders require it.

In addition to global reactions, the ban on girls’ schooling beyond sixth grade has drawn widespread reactions from politicians, civil society activists and religious scholars.

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